Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you at a loss?

Does everything in your life revolve around an addicted relative?
Are you ashamed of him?
Do you feel guilt, anger, despair, fainting?
Are you trying to control him all the time?

You will be surprised how many people have experienced similar things in your vicinity.

You can talk to us

You're not alone!

Eight million people share your destiny!

You will be relieved when you can finally talk to someone who understands you and doesn't blame you.

Take care of yourself.

Talk to us!

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If your addicted relative refuses to accept help, you can set off on your own.

The group provides information about dependency and help. Here you will meet people who have had experiences similar to yours. Relatives understand other relatives in their thinking, feeling and acting.

In the group you learn to find time for yourself: through exchanging experiences, learning and trying out, and through shared experiences of shared concern.